Sustainable communities will take different forms from place to place but one thing that none of them will be able to do without is a broad and deep level of participation -FSC

This manual is intended to help those who are seeking to involve others in sustainable community planning and development, move through the various stages of participatory sustainable community planning smoothly and effectively. Principles, tools, methods and guidelines included in the manual are drawn from a wide range of expertise areas and input from experienced practitioners.

Project funded by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC)


Executive Summary


    Why a manual for public participation for sustainability planning?
    About the manual
    Who is this for?
    Contents overview
    How to use this book
INITIATION: Key Understandings
      Why Public Participation?
      What do we mean by ‘Participation'?
      Core Principles
      Levels of Participation
      Who, when, how, how many
      Potential Stakeholders
      Some General Guidelines
      The Individual Stakeholder/Participant

PREPARATION: Planning is Key

    Pre-Planning: A Readiness Check
      Is public participation appropriate?
      Ensure organizational commitment
    Set participation objectives, scope and guidelines
    Identify who needs to be involved
    Choose the appropriate level of participation
    Choose the appropriate tools/techniques
    Time & Timing: Prepare a Schedule for implementation
    Resource the Process
    Reporting & Feedback Mechanisms
    The ‘Final' Plan
    Implementation & Follow-up

PARTICIPATION: Tools & Techniques

    Essential Tools (General)
      Effective Communications
      Some Special Considerations
        Computer-based Tools
        The Internet
    Essential Tools for Sustainable Community Planning
      Consensus Building
      Consultants & Facilitators
      ‘Greening' Your Meetings/Events
    The Toolkit
      Short Sheets
      Scenario Maps


    Acting Cooperatively: Collaboration & Partnership
    Taking Responsibility: Planning & Monitoring
    Learning Continually: Embracing Change


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