Example of Sustainable Community Goals & Objectives
(Adapted from SEFC)

Solid Waste * Maximize diversion of all wastes from disposal -reduce & manage generation of neighborhood waste
* Maximize appropriate hazardous waste mgt -increase separation of toxic materials from other wastes in all waste streams
Mobility * Minimize the need to travel outside the neighborhood for basic needs -increase proximity of housing to key activity centers
* Provide attractive alternatives to SOV travel -increase pedestrian, bicycle & transit amenities
-increase convenience of public transit
*Minimize amount of public & private property devoted to automobiles -redesign city streets for desired functions
* Maximize accessibility of regional destinations by modes other than SOV -increase non-SOV access to regional destinations
* Maximize access for persons of all abilities -increase barrier-free design of housing, businesses etc.
* Promote a regional balance of jobs & housing -match housing types & affordability w/ needs of workers
Energy * Maximize sustainable & efficient use of energy rsces
* Minimize need to expand energy infrastructure
-reduce non-renewable energy consumption
-increase neighborhood generation of renewable energy
-increase the diversity of energy sources
-reduce peak loads placed upon energy infrastructure
Air Emissions * Minimize harmful emissions in the air -reduce concentrations of ground level ozone (smog)
-reduce greenhouse gas emissions
-reduce chemical & biol contaminant emissions indoors
-eliminate use of ozone depleting processes & products
-reduce concentration of fine particulates at street level
Soil * Minimize health & envtal risk from contaminated soils
* maximize the productivity of local soil
-increase the comprehensiveness of soil remediation options anal
-increase soil productivity
Water * Maximize efficient use of fresh water
* Minimize water pollution
* Minimize need to expand existing water infrastructure
-increase efficient use of municipal water indoors and outdoors
-reduce/manage surface run-off flows
-reduce delivery of contaminants & untreated wastes to Coal Harbor...
-reduce loadings and flows to Wastewater Treatment plants
-reduce peak demand for municipal water supply
Green Space * Maximize site biodiversity
* Maximize vegetative cover & biological productivity
* Maximize restoration of aquatic environments
-increase the quality & qty of habitat provided for a range of appropr species
- increase the contiguity of wildlife corridors
-increase biolog productivity
-increase vegetative cover
-increase quality & availability of marine & foreshore habitats
-increase the presence of naturalized freshwater ecosystems
Buildings * Optimize street layout & bldg placement
* Maximize the efficient use of material rsces
* Minimize the embodied energy used in the transpo of bldg materials
* Maximize the use of materials from sustainable sources
-increase approp siting of bldgs to contribute to cmty energy efficiency
-decrease adverse impacts of built form on local microclimates
-increase the useful life of bldgs & mtls
-increase the use of local mtls
-increase response of the built form to local climactic condns
-eliminate the use of unsustainably harvested products
Econ Devt * Achieve reasonable ROI for NVC
* Maximize local sust economic activity w/in NVC
-ensure full cost ROI
-encourage employment opps & local CED
-encourage socially & envtally responsible business practices
Housing * Optimize residential densification
* ensure a range of housing which provides social & econ choice for broad mix of people
* Optimize diversity of housing choices & unit flexibility
-increase densities to sust livability stds for an urban scale
-increase LT affordable housing options for households working in the City that have average incomes
-Ensure accomodation of core needy housing reqts
-encourage range of funding sources for housing
-increase range of housing types and tenures
-provide accommodation approp for families
-accommodate diff types of family structures over time
-increase opps for aging-in-place
Cmty Well-being & Indiv Health * Maximize opps for cmty participation, interaction & empowerment
* maximize the health, safety & livability of the community
-increase informal cmty interaction in public spaces
-increase resident identification w/ a cmty center/sense of place
-design public spaces to encourage observn by nearby residents & presence of people at all hours
-create pedestrian-oriented streetscape
-provide indoor play spaces
-increase integration of landscapes & cityscape
Culture, Heritage, Education * Maximize arts, cultural & recreational activities
* Maximize linkages between NVC & other cmtys
* Maximize educational value of NVC as a sust cmty
* Maximize the heritage value of NVC
-provide opps for cultural & cmty activities in public OS
-create adaptable, multi-function cmty spaces
-integrate public art into built form
-involve public artists at initial stages of devts
-complement facilitites in neighboring cmtys
-celebrate history in visual manner
-integrate cmty activities into heritage bldgs
-retain & reuse heritage bldgs, mtls & rsces